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Inflammation is a buzzword for a good reason

It is found at the root of many health conditions. While a symptom of some conditions, it is also a cause of others, meaning that inflammation is both a root and a node in a network that keeps you tied down with pain. At our office in Fremont, we work with our clients to focus on minimizing chronic inflammation with natural techniques. Read on to find out how. 

chiropractor fremont

How chiropractic helps the athlete in You!

Chiropractic is an invaluable asset to the professional or aspiring athlete because it creates quicker turnaround between training, provides pain relief and aids in recovery from injury, keeps the body aligned and inspires a full range of motion and flexibility. At Scorca Chiropractic, we offer the athlete a personalized routine specific to their body and sport.

chiropractor fremont

Respect your neck

Your neck is an amazing structure. Take time to appreciate its functionality and absolute necessity and you will realize how important it is to protect. The neck is the main support for your head, and it plays a vital role in supplying blood to your brain from the heart. Without proper blood flow, the brain cannot perform its essential functions including sleep, heart rate, breathing and coordination. The two carotid arteries, which supply most of the blood flow for brain functioning, are located in canals within the neck vertebrae.

chiropractor fremont

How to account for a sports-induced back injury

Along with nutrition, exercise is a great way to rehabilitate a low-grade back injury. It is advisable to construct an exercise regime under the guidance of a medical professional: we help you create individualized plans based on the level of your pain and stage of recovery. It is not enough to focus solely on core strengthening, as many people will have you believe. This is a piece of the puzzle, but we also want to correct muscular imbalances and lengthen restrictive muscles, setting you up for a pain-free future.


Have we forgotten the importance of movement?

Once upon a time, our bodies were called upon to move for even the smallest activities. But now, it is so easy to choose not to move: most tasks can be performed from the comfort of the armchair and more jobs than ever are being performed remotely, a computer the only tool you need to contribute productivity. If you are excited about the prospect of a brave new technological world, it is worth taking a moment to remember how important it is to move.

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