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Chiropractic is effective care for seniors

Age is the great wrecker of spines. You are lucky if you reach retirement without ever having felt a twinge- most of us will have become aware of the process of aging some time before that. However, as we hit 60 and beyond, the process of bone and muscle loss ramps up, and we feel the effects of aging more keenly. Nowhere more keenly, in fact, than in the joints, which begin to show the years of wear and tear. As your joints ache, you tend to lose mobility, a slippery slope which can lead toward further debilitating pain or outright incapacitation. At Scorca Chiropractic, our goal is to prevent this from becoming your reality. And there is no better time than now to start! Read on to find out how chiropractic helps make old age more comfortable. 

chiropractor fremont

The third trimester is a pre-labor peak of discomfort

There is so much going on- you feel mentally drained, emotionally exhausted and physically short of sleep. Your body is strained from the baby's near-full grown weight. Many women in the third trimester report symptoms of:

  • Frequent urination
  • Heartburn
  • Fatigue and anxiety 
  • Back pain and associated discomfort

As contractions begin, the discomfort can reach a breaking point; at Scorca Chiropractic Center, our job is to keep you from reaching that point! We want to help strengthen your body against the physical and emotional challenges of the third trimester. Read on to find out how we can help. 

chiropractor fremont

Tight hips make trouble for your spine

Hips are a less-recognized member of your spine's support network. This is a shame because hip health has a direct impact on spinal health- a tight set of hips can actually destabilize your spine at its base, allowing for pain and dysfunction; hips with full mobility are able to stabilize the spine, transfer forces effectively and prevent injury. The fact is, modern lifestyles lend themselves to tight hips- the more time we spend seated, the more likely our hip flexors are to become tight and strained. While this in itself can cause pain and discomfort, the impact is multiplied when tight hip flexors create a pull on your spine. 

chiropractor fremont

Getting used to a properly aligned spine

Spinal adjustment, also known as spinal manipulation, is a mainstay of chiropractic science. Spinal adjustments are designed to get you moving the way you were meant to- free of pain and full of function. By manipulating the spinal joints, we are able to improve range of motion and decrease the pain that results from nerve impingement. Studies have shown that chiropractic is a safe and effective natural treatment for lower back pain, boosting the speed and effectiveness of recovery and preventing reinjury. But the upward trajectory doesn't end after you leave the office- read on to find our tips for how to get used to your new, properly aligned spine.

chiropractor fremont

When biking causes back pain

At our office in Fremont, we treat many a biker with back pain; for a sport that conditions and strengthens the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems, it is quite a frequent contributor to spinal dysfunction. No matter your age, if your bike doesn't fit properly, or if your posture is less than perfect, your biking habit can actually create the conditions that leave you stiff and sore. We want to help cyclists ensure that their chosen method of exercise is only moving them up in the ranks of wellness; in order to do this, we need to prevent the factors that contribute to back pain in the saddle. 

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