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Balance is innate; balance is essential

For athletes, balance is one of the factors that determines fine margins. Unfortunately, too many of us neglect balance in pursuit of strength and endurance. Balance is something you need to constantly maintain and improve- it is your ticket to controlling equilibrium and stability. At Scorca Chiropractic Center, we focus on biomechanical balance, as well as the balance of your nervous system. Here is how we help athletes improve balance:

chiropractor fremont

Think of your bed as a double-edged sword for spinal health

If you get it right, each night is a comfortable, restorative period of time for your spine; if you get it wrong, your mattress could actually contribute to your back pain, or worsen a pre-existing condition. By failing to support the alignment and curvature of your spine, a bad mattress undoes the good work you have put in during the day time and reinforces tension in the musculature and degeneration in the spine. When it comes to mattresses, we should avoid sentimentality and instead think of it as one of the most important purchases we will make on a regular basis throughout our lifetime. 

chiropractor fremont

Who is at risk?

Many people who live with chronic back pain find comfort and relief when extending their spine. But a certain subset of the population- mostly those who spend a lot of time standing, may suffer from too much extension; baristas, teachers, mechanics, and athletes are among the most at-risk demographic. This pain and discomfort, known as extension intolerance, can be identified by changes in your posture, including:

  • Excessive lordotic curve in the lumbar spinal segment
  • Anterior pelvic tilt, which makes your butt stick out like Donald Duck

These two factors combine to destabilize your spine and wreak havoc, especially in the lower back. So how do we ease extension intolerance?

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You need to look out for your back at the office

It is one of the most dangerous environments for your spine. The incessant sitting, poor posture and repetitive stress of office tasks puts many of us at risk for spinal misalignment, dysfunction and sets us on a course for premature spinal degeneration. The only defense your back has in this scenario is your proactivity- have you made the choice to take daily action to look out for your spine in your office work? If not, we urge you to make some small changes that can save your back a whole ot of trouble down the line. 

chiropractor fremont

Why make life harder than it needs to be?

Almost everything about adult life is conducive to tension, whether it be mental or physical. Our jobs and families often keep us too busy to focus on the activities that help us reduce tension, leaving us at the mercy of a stress-cycle that spares no one. This stress-cycle certainly does not spare our spines- everything about tension spells spinal dysfunction. But neglecting our spines because we are too busy, or because we are lazy, is certain to make your life harder than it needs to be. Here are our tips for maintaining a high-level of spinal health despite the rigors of daily life. 

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