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How to account for a sports-induced back injury

Along with nutrition, exercise is a great way to rehabilitate a low-grade back injury. It is advisable to construct an exercise regime under the guidance of a medical professional: we help you create individualized plans based on the level of your pain and stage of recovery. It is not enough to focus solely on core strengthening, as many people will have you believe. This is a piece of the puzzle, but we also want to correct muscular imbalances and lengthen restrictive muscles, setting you up for a pain-free future.


Have we forgotten the importance of movement?

Once upon a time, our bodies were called upon to move for even the smallest activities. But now, it is so easy to choose not to move: most tasks can be performed from the comfort of the armchair and more jobs than ever are being performed remotely, a computer the only tool you need to contribute productivity. If you are excited about the prospect of a brave new technological world, it is worth taking a moment to remember how important it is to move.

The spine is a wonderfully complicated structure

Full of bones, ligaments, tendons and joints; following three distinct curves and segments; conduit for the central nervous system; there is simply no more influential structure in your body than the spine. And yet so many of us take our spinal health for granted. We move through our busy lives barely giving a thought to the stresses that our spine is force to interpret on a millisecond basis. And with our lifestyles becoming more inactive by the day, these pressures are growing in intensity. 

The horrible cycle of stress

Say you had a particularly stressful day at work. You may find on the commute home that you all of a sudden become aware that your entire body is wracked by stiffness. From your neck through your shoulders and down into your lower back, almost all of the muscles that support your spine have tightened as a natural response to mental stress. This increase in tension begins to pull your spine out of alignment, causing nerve impingement and muscle spasm. What you do next defines the stress cycle.

chiropractor fremont

When back spasms strike...

An unexpected episode of back spasming can be as crippling as it is shocking. Muscle spasms are an emergency response by your body- as it perceives imminent injury, the muscles suddenly and involuntarily contract. This is the first clue to solving back spasms and the underlying condition: your body has perceived the injury, meaning that this problem has been slowly building up over time. Muscle spasms are therefore a natural response to a set of conditions that are threatening your spine. But in the heat of the moment, it doesn't help to worry about the underlying conditions. You need to respond to the pain! 

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