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How can we fix posture with exercise?

We’re so glad you asked! Exercise, along with stretching and chiropractic care, is the most effective way to go about addressing postural problems. At our office in Fremont, we are seeing a startling rise in the number of people who come in with poor posture. It is evident from the moment they walk in the door- even their walking and standing posture is suffering as a result of too much sitting! People always focus on diet, exercise and sleep as the main methods for exerting control over their wellbeing, but we would argue that posture forms an equally important fourth dimension to this group! Below we look at a few of the most common postural shortcomings and how exercise can help you overcome them. 

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The role of motor control

You can think of motor control as you can think of what it means to be human. In a mostly subconscious process, your body interprets sensory information, processes it and then determines what action it will take. If all is working properly, your body will select a set of muscles and joints for activation and the appropriate motion or action will occur. So what are the crucial systems involved in such an essential action? 

  • Central nervous system
  • Musculoskeletal system

These are the same two systems that chiropractic seeks to optimize. So how can our natural modalities improve motor control? And how important is this from a sport performance perspective? 

Spring skiing is right around the corner

With spring conditions looming ever closer, the slopes start to become busier with fair-weather skiers who come from further afield to get in turns on bluebird days. If you have been resting on your laurels during the deep winter, then you hit the spring slopes with maximum enthusiasm, the risk for injury is inherently greater. Many skiers return from the slopes with bumps and bruises from simple falls that they think nothing of; they do nothing about them, allowing the injury to compound, eventually causing long-lasting undesirable effects. At Scorca Chiropractic, we are standing by to help you take a proactive approach to spinal injuries, however small, that occur during skiing. 

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The tenuous relationship between your device and your spine

The computer may be a tool of information efficiency but it is certainly not a friend to your spine. While we debate the merits of the information age from a mental health perspective, it is important to not lose sight of what your devices are doing to your spine. Chances are, if you‘ve worked in an office setting, you are familiar with the back pain and neck stiffness that is so ubiquitous in the white collar world. These symptoms, while annoying and uncomfortable in the here and now, are also signs of things to come, namely: spinal degeneration. 

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Why we tend to work in the most unfavorable of conditions

It’s down to stress: because of stress, we often seek out conditions that harm rather than assist productivity. We forget about the things that make us feel, and work, better; things that matter for productivity including comfort, circulation and hydration; everything is subsumed by the approaching deadline. In order approach this problem from a natural health perspective, we have to be proactive about keeping ourselves comfortable. In this respect, comfortable means: low on the pain and muscle tension, and high on factors such as circulation, hydration and happiness. Our environment sets us up for success.

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